Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Now don't you worry your pretty little head.

The issue has been brought up by e-patient Dave about empowering patients to understand medical cost and help police for fraud. You see, the EOBs that we receive from our insurance agencies include identifying information that is helpful to them but has nothing to help the patient correlate the charge to a specific office visit, doctor, hospital visit, medication, etc. In other words, we are spoon fed the amount we owe for any service long after the service has been rendered. We have no axis to determine if the charge is substantiated or accurate. We can't even call a pharmacy and inquire the cost of a medication. Yet, we are increasingly called upon to help hold down the costs of medical care. Can someone please tell me how we can do this if we are slaves to the process, and not stakeholders? If you want us to participate tear down the dividing wall and let us join in on the information. Quit hiding our records from us with your ambiguous codes and references. Tell us exactly what you are charging us for and tell us up front, not a few months after the fact.

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