Thursday, December 27, 2012


It was a chili type night and I like to cook it right as everyone is getting tired of the holiday left overs. A big change in flavors. But cooking in my house has taken a serious turn. My sister does not work. She has no money to buy food. She contributes nothing, but she wants to say how everything is prepared. On Christmas she wouldn't even heat half the dishes I left for her and my brother because I made them to suit Mollie and me, and not the way she would make it. She pouted because I told her I have no intention of cooking greens from scratch, canned were fine. And tonight she critisized that I like my chili with cocoa powder in it. So before I put the cocoa in I put her share in a container and made the rest of it as I had intended. When I told her that I used to do that for my kids when they didn't care for a certain ingredient, she told me that kids need to eat what is put before how is it she doesn't apply that to herself?

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