Monday, January 28, 2013


I made cookies on Saturday for home group. They were gluten free chocolate chip and peanut butter. They were pretty good, but not the same texture as regular cookies. Kind of gritty like a pecan sandy, but still good enough. They were made from a mix, and I wonder if I'd made them from scratch if they'd be more chewy. I ran out of time when I baked them and was only able to bake half the batch. When I came home Cheryl was baking some more of the cookies, but when she pulled the sheet out of the oven there were only 4 cookies. I was dumbfounded. What is the point of making only 4 cookies? Why not just go ahead and fill up the sheet? That she does things like that all the time annoys me. Anyway, I baked the rest of the batch, and she ate most of those too. I need a bunch more patience with her than I am finding that I have.

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