Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pacing Day

The picture is just eye candy. I spent last weekend with Tim and Jenn and Jack. It is nice to know that normal exists.
Today was pacing clinic day and a visit to Dr. AP, the new cardiologist. This is where normal does not exist.seriously, there was a dog wandering around the office. At first I thought it was a chance happening, like someone just needed to take him to te vet or something. But then I saw a picture of him on the wall, and I think he lives there.
The good news is that there is 10.5 years of battery life left on my AICD. I think that it may be the only one that I ever have. I will be 66 years old and I think might just be willing for nature to happen. Better sudden death than cancer.
The appointment with Dr. AP was weird. I don't know him well enough to know what to ask and he is very stiff and professional. He doesn't leave me a clue about what to ask. Dr. K used to show me the ECGs and tell me what he was seeing. Dr. AP doesn't bring them up. I have no clue about anything there. They don't tell me anything. I think that I'm going to troll the net to see if I can find out what I should know. Seriously, I felt uncomfortable asking for a refill of a beta blocker that I have taken for years. it makes me miss Dr. K. He didn't come back to Atlanta like he said he would. It was a good thing I didn't wait on him. Still, I miss seeing him and I miss the ease at which advice and information was passed. I wonder how long that is going to take with Dr. AP. I'm just going to have to give it time.

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