Thursday, January 24, 2013

Soup Kind of Day

I got thank yous all day today. Several people had surveys that needed immediate attention. And not only did I attend to them, but gave regular updates until the surveys closed. There were a couple of cube moves, and a new hire that I got to right away. And I even noticed that the new director was having white boards hung and got him markers and an eraser before he thought to ask. The day was rocking. And then I went into the cross function meeting and found out that I was voluntold into a committee that I had been frustrated that I wasn't on. This committee is designing an onboarding process that will affect my job, and will eventually be building wide. Wow! It was a great day. But like every where else on the eastern seaboard we are in a cold snap and expecting a winter storm tomorrow.  We have only lost power where I live, and that was when a tornado went through my neighborhood and tore down the power lines. So I am not worried about that, but I'm craving winter comfort food and soup just fits that bill. We cwn heat it up tomorrow and have another meal of bone warming soup.

Tomorrow's Friday ya'll! Enjoy ;o)

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