Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A WTH? kind of day

I have another post that I should be writing, but today has been such a frustrating day, I feel like finding a hole somewhere and hiding in it until the day is over. It started first thing.

I washed clothes last night so my clothes were still in the dryer. I went there to get something to wear and found that I could only find one of all my socks.

When I was taking my medication I opened my aspirin bottle to find it empty...WTH! I bought the bottle on Saturday. There were 60 pills in that bottle, I should be good to go for the next 2 months. This is what I'm sure happened. My sister is a chronic NSAID abuser. She will take them every 2 to 3 hours. When I call her on it she claims to have a headache or a backache. But she is neurotic about what she believes about them. She thinks that Goody Powders work better than a much cheaper pill that contains the exact same medication in the exact same dose. She thinks that Tylenol doesn't work at all and that taking 8 low dose aspirin works better than taking 2 regular strength ones. The exact same medication in nearly the exact same strength. She took 7 doses of them yesterday ignoring the bottle of aspirin sitting beside my box of pills. So now I don't have the medication that I've been instructed to take. I hid my box of pills this morning and she isn't going to see it again.

When I checked my blood sugar before driving in my car I found that it was 56. WTH?  I had to drink some juice before I could leave for work. I was already frustrated enough to pull my hair out.

When I got to work I found a survey that I had created yesterday sitting on my chair. The requester, a vendor, had marked it up highlighting "mistakes". I had copied and pasted the questions into the survey from the word document that she'd sent me. Having explained to her yesterday that the software we use to do survey's doesn't allow hyperlinks. She requested again that I hyperlink the web addresses that she wrote into the survey.

To add to my frustration, a supervisor from another department requested that I burn some DVD's for him. The side of the floor that I sit on houses 5 departments. I support the 2 communications departments. The other groups are left to fend for themselves. We have 73 of the cubes and offices, the other 5 have 20 cubes. Yes, we dominate and the other groups are tiny. This sup is from a department with 15 of those 19 people. They can hire their own admin. The other 4 managers and sups have hired their own. We have another admin in our group who supposedly supports 8 of the 73 people in our group. Two specialists support the 2 VP's of the departments. I support the other 63 as well as the other 30 or so people we have on other in I ALREADY SUPPORT TOO MANY PEOPLE.

So I went to breakfast and came back up. I found this sitting in my cube. One of the specialists had created shipping labels for this and sat it in my cube for me to find boxes for and ship out. WTFH!!!!!!! Like I have time to support her too? Folks,

I am ready to crawl under my desk and hide. I have had a headache for 3 days and my blood pressure has been in the scary zone, like 176/117.

If I wasn't scheduled to get the long awaited new laptop today, I'd tell my manager that I'm sick and leave. I tell you, this has got to stop.

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  1. Aaargh. Some days I would like to velcroe myself to the carpet under the bed and refuse to come out. This sounds like it fits the category too well.
    I hope today is better. Much better.