Monday, December 16, 2013


Today I configured my computer so that I could view different things on two monitors. Probably not an earth shattering thing, but it was new for me. It can be helpful, but at the same time it can be confusing. I think that as I get more and more used to it, it will be fine.

The new keyboard is still a bear. Half the time I end up just typing on the keyboard of the laptop. It’s about 5 times faster for me because I know where my fingers are.

I’m making cream of kale, sausage and cheddar soup tonight. Kale is that green stuff that decorates party platters. Who knew we were throwing away the healthiest thing on the tray all these years. Turns out that it isn’t only nutritious, but a pretty tasty green too. And that is coming from someone who isn’t enthusiastic about greens. Anyway, this is the first time I have ever cooked kale. My goal is to find out how many ways I can include it into my diet before I grow as tired of it as I am broccoli and green beans.

I accomplished a great deal at work today. This is the first year that the dark days of winter haven’t buried me in its frozen grip. Not that it hasn’t been dark enough. We are beginning to believe that sunshine is a myth here in the south. I spent my morning commute today peering into fog through a frosted windshield. I have no idea why I’m on depression light this year. Maybe it’s because for the first time ever I feel I can retake control of my life. I hope it isn’t a forewarning of trouble to come.

I have been having nightmares about things that when I sit and logically think about them can’t come up with a cognitive answer for the dream. One ended in going down into a place want that I live but don’t want too and viewing a squirrel being eaten alive by a rabbit who was being eaten alive by a deer. All three animals are vegans. They aren’t going to eat each other. Put that together with a moniker that was once assigned to me as Little Squirrel. Just too much to try to understand. Then last night’s dream about me attempting to mark the face of everyone else in the dream…where does that come from? I don’t feel that angry. But the worst thing about the nightmares is that once they wake me up, I’m up. Even if there is only three hours of sleep, there is no more going back. I think I need to see my sleep doctor. But all of this has more to do with the psych than it does to the heart.

If you read to the end of this ramble, you are a true blogger friend. Even I am reading it with a cloud that contains a question mark above my head. It’s just a jumble of thoughts that I need to write about. Will try to be more understandable tomorrow…

Good night.


  1. If you wake up in the middle of the night try melatonin. My naturopath recommended this to me. If you only have a couple of hours before you get up you will be groggy so try to take it no more than 3-4 hours before you have to get up unless you have nothing going on and you can sleep in.

    As for the dreams. ????? I have no idea!

  2. Sometimes my head is just a blur of incomprehensible bibs and bobs. I hope your jumble sorts itself soon.

  3. I used to use two monitors at work and loved it because I could keep my email open on one screen and work on the other. At my new job I have not had dual monitors for the past year. We just ordered a second monitor for me this week. I am so excited to go back to it. It's the little things!

  4. I have odd dreams sometimes, too. Hopefully they will go away and be replaced with sweet dreams.

    Love the sound of your soup! Post a recipe - yes?