Monday, December 23, 2013

It's Christmas

Well, almost. I have most of the shopping done. Food is prepped to be cooked. I finally got the tree up on Saturday. I was going to overlook it, but I found one small enough to not overwhelm me. This time tomorrow I will be picking up my bags and heading over to the church. After the Christmas Eve festivities I will spend the night at Mollie's. I'm happy as long as I don't stop to think of my grandsons. I used to dislike people who humbugged Christmas. Now I understand them. But I don't see the point of just keeping their thoughts to themselves and letting others have a good time.

I was asked an interesting question yesterday by a stranger at the mall. He asked me if I could go back to the last Christmas I had before I started high school and talk to myself what would I say? Not the kind of conversation that I'm used to having with strangers at the mall. Stranger still was that I actually blurted out a pretty good answer. I told him that I would tell myself not to do things to please other people, instead do things because they are the right thing to do. I think this is what has been circling around in my soul for a while.

Oh well, we don't get it back. I can only go forward from here. Some people believe that this is all there is. There is no life after death. I think if I believed this I'd give it up. I'd say well, now it's too late. I believe in eternity. So I can teach myself to knit and realize that I have forever to keep learning it. Someday I'm going to relearn how to play the piano and this time not get frustrated because I can't play like my grandmother. I'll just keep working on it for eternity. Someday I stand a chance to be pretty decent with it. I think that I'm going to work on a "letter to me" post. I don't know if I'll post it, but why not. I pretty much put everything out there anyway.

If you want to give me something special, go sing a sweet song to Birdie. She's been needing some encouragement lately.

If I don't get back, have a merry and blessed Christmas and new year.


  1. Birdie has indeed been doing it tough of late. I hope she is getting the support she needs.
    And yes, to telling yourself to do things because they are 'right'. Something I need to keep in mind. I still spend too much time trying to please others.
    Happy Christmas.

  2. My goodness - that was an awesome encounter at the mall. I wonder if the stranger is writing an article?

    Merry Christmas - I hope you find peace and loving hugs this holiday.

  3. Hi Elephant: I think we all need to remind ourselves. It is all too easy to please people and not consider the appropriateness of what we do.

    Hi Lynn: Yes, that was an eye opening encounter. Growing up I was the shyest person on the planet. I literally wanted to be the color of the wall behind me. I'm not sure when or even how that changed. I just know that it did. Often when I'm out I'm approached by people who just want someone to talk too. For some reason they are drawn to me. Working in communications I have had contact with a lot of reporters, and generally they introduce themselves as such and tell you what publication they work for. If he was writing a story, I would think that it is probably a blog.