Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Laptop

The new laptop is in.

The new keyboard is going to take some getting used to...I'll adapt.

Other than that today has been busy, but not frustrating like yesterday...
Except my tablet somehow got broken...
I was kind of sad at first because when the IS guy transferred my files he didn't transfer my pictures. And I thought that I'd lost all the pictures on the tablet too.
Then I remembered that they are on the SD card...
I won't insult you with a smiley, but that's how it felt to realize that I hadn't lost years of pictures.


  1. I lost years of pictures due to a computer break-down. It is heart breaking to say the least. The very next day I went and bought a backup thingy. And that reminds me. I need to backup my computer!

  2. Big, big smiley on the pictures front. And how lovely to see Birdie out and about. Even bigger big smiley on that front.

  3. Oh no! Is a smiley an insult? Crap.